Originally the story went like this: In March, 2009, I left my job as a journalist in order to follow my long-standing dream of writing a novel. For a year, I had scrimped and saved in order to put aside a savings account with enough money, I hoped, to get me through a year, as long as I did a bit of part-time or freelance work on the side. I had an idea; an outline; a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and, thus, supposedly the training to do something like this; and now, finally, the one thing that I’d always said was lacking: time.

In March, 2010, having managed about 8 months of uninterrupted writing and four months back in the workforce, I was forced to admit that ‘One Year, One Book’ was not a goal I’d meet (this time, at least). But the novel does continue, and so does the blog.  

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