Posted by: oneyearbook | April 13, 2010


One of my issues right now is with how to organize the mass of material that comes from the first part of the book. And a big part of that problem is with how, exactly, to begin. I have written at least four scenes already that seem tailored to be a ‘beginning,’ in a number of different ways – two as prologue-types, using a different time-frame than the next part of the story, and two as close character pieces; and while the two can exist together, a prologue and then a close character piece as the beginning of the first section, this bunch doesn’t seem to want to pair off that way. And then there are two more scenes, unwritten, that seem like they should come right off the top. It is hard to decide.

I am not very good at deciding things, y’all. Perhaps I should just roll some dice.


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