Posted by: oneyearbook | March 19, 2010

Name change?

So, as discussed yesterday, the project has outlived its year, although both novel and blog go forward. The question becomes, should I change my branding? I don’t think I can change the url without starting a new blog entirely, and I don’t want to do that; but the masthead could have a swap up. I do like a good redecorating, anyhow.

Under consideration:

My Book, My Blog

Blog & Book & Zombies (sure to be popular)

Many Years, One Book

A Hundred Years of (Solitary) Book-Writing

? Years, One Book

Not wanting to decide rashly, I’ll probably give it ’til the end of the week before any bloggy-style renovations go on. And, because I love it so, I probably won’t give up on the typewriter. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments: maybe you guys like continuity and want things to remain how they are, I dunno.


  1. Big giggles on ? years.
    Zombies have a nice ring, but to get lots of traffic, call it ‘naked book blog’ or ‘pamela anderson’ sumthin’…
    That said, I’m never a fan of change, but as long as you keep the typewriter I’ll be appeased.

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