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This one was in my Dad's collection

This one was in my Dad's collection

When I was a child I particularly liked my father’s collection of high fantasy novels – Terry Brooks and David Eddings paperbacks, mostly – which were to be found about the house on various shelves. I liked them, not because I wanted to read them (though when I was a little older I would go and read them) but because of their covers – bright colours, wonderful creatures – and their maps. I really liked to pour over the maps in his fantasy books. Amusingly this is one of the reasons he likes them as well, and has been heard to say a few times that he really only likes books that have a map at the beginning. (To be fair, he also likes Pride and Prejudice, which has no map at all. But probably he thinks it would be improved by a map.)

Anyway when I was about twelve I had a period where I was obsessed with drawing maps of fantasy kingdoms. I loved making those crazy coastlines and inserting ruined temples and thick choking jungles and impenetrable mountain ranges. As an offshoot of that I wrote the beginnings of some pretty bad fantasy novels; and then I gave up on both the novels and the map-drawing. I never gave up on reading books with maps, though. I still like it when they have a map.

All this in lead up to say, I have drawn a map of the imaginary-but-grounded-in-reality island on which my novel takes place. I didn’t do this with the intention that it actually be in the finished book – though my dad might argue for its inclusion – but rather for personal reference, so I’d know how far people were going on certain journeys and what geographic relationship various people’s homes had to each other. And now I’m going to share it with you. Enjoy, map-lovers!

Map of Salishan Island

Map of Salishan Island



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