Posted by: oneyearbook | November 13, 2009


Apparently, short stories are coming into fashion right now, so I guess my plan to really educate myself about the form comes at the right time. I have pledged to read two short stories a day for the foreseeable future, and hopefully this will fill the rather glaring gap in my reading education. (If you had asked me to name a good short story last year I’m not sure I would have been able to come up with anything. Oh, maybe “The Lottery,” which is pretty famous, and which I have, in fact, read.)

I already have a number of short story collections on my shelf that I’ve never gotten around to, and I’m tackling those first (along with some that are available on the Internet), but there are reserves on at the library, yes there are. Why have I made this pledge, you ask? Because I cannot write short stories without reading them. If I have not read them I will not know how they work, or how they can work and how they have worked. Apparently I am going to write some short stories, which previously I had claimed I would not.

This week I wrote the first draft of another one, in fact. And it was in the first person! Hallelujah. Good job, short stories. Good job.


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