Posted by: oneyearbook | November 10, 2009

Giller prediction

When the shortlist first came out I tweeted that I was throwing my predictive weight behind Annabel Lyon’s The Golden Mean. It was an uneducated guess. Apparently indie booksellers think she should win, but that she probably won’t.

Well, the announcement is tomorrow, and I’m going to stick with my initial, uneducated opinion. For one thing, I read a lovely article in which Lyon talked about writing the book (over the course of eight years) at the New Westminster Public Library. I used to live in New West, and my mother used to work at NWPL, and for a while as a child I went there every day after school and sat reading, waiting for her to finish work for the day. My unnatural attachment to libraries dates from that time, I think. (As does my inability to remember that libraries charge fines.) So I feel good knowing that someone wrote a great novel in that library. And so I support it to win the Giller.

Plus she has as blog!

And seems like a very down-to-earth sort of person in this article. These are the sorts of things that help me make my predictions.


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