Posted by: oneyearbook | October 7, 2009


Today I had a crisis of confidence in the book. Or maybe the book itself had a crisis of confidence? No, I’ve got it: today the book threw a tantrum. Lately it is a toddler. It screams for attention constantly, and then when I rush to give it that attention, the problems it has don’t seem to be fixed, or even fixable. It really wants to play with this particular toy! Why won’t Mommy let it play with the toy? Fine, fine, I say. Here. I’ll give you a toy to play with. (Writing commences.) But no – fifteen minutes later and it’s apparent that what I just wrote does not do what was needed.

Anyway, in the end we both calmed down, and the toddler-book is now playing with a brand-new approach to the opening section. Appeased, for now.


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