Posted by: oneyearbook | October 5, 2009

Gotta keep moving

I just spent an hour (an hour!) dithering over one stupid sentence. Yeah, it’s an important sentence – the first one in the book, at least as it’s currently organized – but I know that’s what editing is for. And yet, despite that, I couldn’t let myself go on without hashing through fifty different possible options for that sentence. Some day down the road, when I’m actually editing, I’m going to come back to that spot and spend hours and hours thinking about that sentence, and I’m going to know that this hour was wasted, because there are so many better things I could be doing right now. Like writing MORE sentences.

But it’s probably a sign that I’m a little leery of moving forward, and am looking for some sort of stable platform to stand on while I do. If that has to be one sentence, it has to be one sentence. At least it was only an hour, and not two, or three, or twenty-four.


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