Posted by: oneyearbook | October 2, 2009

Too funny

Alright, this is too funny. (Perhaps especially in light of some of the complaints about Canadian lit that came out of the recent Giller longlist judging.)

I’m not going to play with my current work-in-progress (it’s not historical, so one of the sections wouldn’t be as applicable as I’d like), but I can get pretty close to describing the first book I wrote this year:

This haunting novel, set on a bucolic lakeshore, during the First World War [well actually right afterwards but let’s bend a little here people] and focusing on a barn fire combines an alcoholic abusive father with the harrowing story of the unyielding weight of the past.

Other than the time thing, that almost exactly describes the contents of the book I wrote in March and April. According to the site, that means I’ve got something award-winning on my hands!

Okay, okay, if I was to play this time around: I’d probably pick lyrical and then farm but not in Southern Ontario, and then it’s set sort-of modern day (I don’t think I’m going to give a year in the book, but it should make sense anytime between about 1998 and 2008), and focusing on … well, if you took “locusts decimating the fall harvest” and flipped it completely a 180, you might have something that would work in description of my novel, if that makes sense; and then I guess we’ve maybe got a rebellious adolescent? Damn, it’s really not working out, maybe my first try was more CanLit-ish …

Also, I recognize a couple of the things they list as being specific to actual, recently-published CanLit novels (ie a canoe trip in the Northwest Territories = Late Nights on Air, right? and I thought maybe cross-country caravan was a reference to Miriam Toews’ latest?) but am curious if there are actually others like that, especially that locusts one.



  1. No, the locusts thing I made up.

    • Okay, good to know, otherwise I was going to be chasing that locusts book down for sure.

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