Posted by: oneyearbook | October 2, 2009

Lit up

Okay, yesterday brainstorming felt like a foggy cloud, today it feels like … being lit up internally. A bunch of forward momentum on character motivations, connections, and on an outline of Part I.

So, yeah, now some of you are saying, what’s this about an outline for Part I? You’ve already written 40,000 words of this thing.

Filled with light

Filled with light

True, and it’s actually not my intention to throw out any of those 40,000 words when I get going again, although some of them will be in a different location, and actually a couple of scenes will have shifted to either a different character’s POV or will involve a different character entirely, or conversations within them will be about slightly different topics. So I expect at least 30,000 of those words will make it into the overall first draft, at very least, if not more. But the thing was I just got to the supposed mid-point of the book and realized that everything I had thought of happening had happened, and that the next part of the book was left with the tiniest, boringest wisps of plot, when that was the section that was supposed to have all that crazy rising action. So then I had to go back and look at it and think, alright, what was my original intention with the idea for the novel? With the three characters that I had labelled as the ‘main’ characters? And slowly – it’s felt so so slow lately – I’ve figured out what needs to be added to make things move forward, what I want to see happen in that middle section of the book, how the three characters need to change/grow, and, really that I probably need a few other characters – both main and minor – to pull things through. I’d written 40,000 words in which none of my characters really had any obstacles left to overcome. (First off, I made the mistake of allowing two of the characters to become a couple way too early in the arc, especially as becoming a couple was the only real goal one of them had.)

Some of the changes: there is now at least one more main character, but probably in the end three more, for a total of six. (Does that sound unmanageable? I just read a book that did very nicely – very nicely indeed – with five clear main characters, with chapters alternating their POVs.) Two of them are still just dark-ish masses – names, occupations, tenuous links to the overall plot arc – but one of them has really come along in the last few days. I wrote some details to share here but realized they didn’t really make any sense and weren’t interesting without the rest of the details about the book, and I guess it’s best not to give away the whole shebang, huh? So I’ll just leave it at that: things are moving forward. There are more characters now.


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