Posted by: oneyearbook | October 1, 2009


The weather in my brain

The weather in my brain

The past week, week-and-a-half, has been all brainstorming. Good news: it’s going well. Really well. There’s stuff coming out of this that will be great for the book, I think, even though I’m not yet done with the process. But the funny thing is that the process has felt exactly like a storm in my brain, or maybe like a storm brewing: it’s cloudy in there, confused, wet, muddy, sticky, you can’t see very far ahead, and when you try, there’s wind and rain lashing you in the face so you’re forced to look down again. I’ve heard that ‘brainstorm’ was initially coined to refer to epileptic seizures, which seems like a very different type of storm, indeed, the type that comes with lightning. But the modern meaning seems to be a gentler thing, a rainstorm, cloudy skies, and I definitely feel caught out in it. I’m looking forward to finding the clear days, the clarity, the sunshine. Of course it’s October now, so who knows when that may come.


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