Posted by: oneyearbook | September 28, 2009


Went out on an 18-k bike ride through the local streets today – rumour has it that the first of the fall rains will hit tomorrow, so I wanted to take advantage of the remaining late summer weather while I could. I took my camera, with the express idea that I would photograph this one certain farm stand that I spotted a couple weeks ago while driving past in the car – it looked, in the brief glimpse I got, almost exactly like the farm stand one of my novel’s characters runs, right down to the “green paisley curtains” that I mention.

Well, I found the stand, and it’s pretty cute – the curtains actually feature a green vine pattern – but, bad luck, the light was all wrong to photograph it – heavily backlit, and a lot of the produce that I think is usually in it was sold already, so although I took a few pictures I didn’t really want to share them. Instead, I share with you two other finds from the ride: a cute little cart-style farm stand, which was actually beside the bike path, not the road, and thus I would never have seen it (or known that I need to round up $4 and go back to get that giant bag of apples) if I hadn’t bothered to get the ol’ bike out, and second, the largest sunflower I’ve ever seen.

Little Farm Stand

Little Farm Stand




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