Posted by: oneyearbook | September 25, 2009

Punctuate this

Today is National Punctuation Day, and the National Post put out a call for readers to write in with the punctuation crimes that really rub them the wrong way. Not sure if it ended up in the print edition, but they chose my email as one of those to put up on the website. You can read it here – mine is third from the bottom. I feel quite strongly about this problem, as everyone who had to work with me at the newspaper knows. I can be quite the martinet about it, actually. Also irritating: your and you’re being used wrongly. Notably, there was a trending topic on Twitter today (#yourlame) which used the wrong one and thus irritated me.

Now that I’ve said this, I’ve totally opened myself up to attacks on my own blog grammar, which I imagine isn’t always perfect (since I, uh, don’t usually bother to edit it, bad me.) Please, go ahead, comment away about all the things I’ve done wrong. I’ll probably actually enjoy it.



  1. I agree with you. Completely.

    Also: I LOL’d (oh geez, is that correct? I need a webspeak dictionary) at all the tongue-in-cheek misused apostrophes in the comment two below yours.

    Somewhat related: I heard this really reassuring news story today… something about a study that proves that msn/textspeak doesn’t actually degrade or hinder the spelling ability of teenagers; further, that teenagers who have poor spelling will actually misspell web abbreviations. Whew! That’s a relief.

    • Misspelling web abbreviations? What would that even look like? I LOOL’d?

  2. my pet peeve is the use of “it’s” when it is supposed to be “its” for the possessive.

  3. oh, duh, now that i have read your item in the NP i see we have the same pet peeve!!! must be genetic!

    • Perhaps you really pushed that particular peeve on me as a child, who knows. Maybe everytime I got it wrong while writing, you threatened to make me eat onions.

  4. Laziness, pure and simple.
    I’ve been guilty of the its it’s and it’s completely avoidable. I absolutely know how to use each appropriately … and yet the mistake is made. I usually offer the “I’m in a hurry and my brain and fingers don’t coordinate” excuse.

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