Posted by: oneyearbook | September 14, 2009

The Lazies

I’ve got a bad case of The Lazies (doctorspeak: lazeitis). I’m not ashamed to admit it – I mean, I probably got it by touching a doorknob after someone else who was infected did, and then failing to wash my hands for 30 seconds, as recommended by health professionals. Problematically, the cure isn’t quite the same as it would be for the flu or a cold, where I’d just spend some time in bed, drink tea, and keep from doing anything too strenuous: that’s actually a recipe for increasing the intensity of lazeitis. In fact it’s a description of the symptoms of lazeitis.

The only cure, doctors tell me, is to get off my ass and just do stuff. Knock more than one thing off the ol to-do list in any given day, and the two things I knock off had better not be ‘nap’ and ‘forage in fridge for lunch-like item.’ In fact they had better include ‘write’ and ‘wrote more’ and ‘got down to brass tacks with novel.’

Yes, my friends, for the last few weeks nothing has been happening with the novel. There have been lots of excuses that I would call valid, but then again, I’m infected with lazeitis. They are probably not valid: was working at job; then was writing 3-day novel; then was … umm … sleeping in and stuff. But I promised someone that today would be a new day. The fact that I need to buy cat food and head into town for a freelance job are NOT excuses. It’s One Year, One Book, not One Year, One Time I Fed the Cat. Yes! I shall overcome!

P.S. Anybody who has a surefire cure for the lazies, send ’em my way and I’ll consider thanking you in the acknowledgements for my book. No guarantees.



  1. I have a surefire cure for the lazies – and this is the only thing that lights a fire under my butt when I’m procrastinating getting down to work.

    Do an online search for books in your genre that are on a similar topic as your manuscript. If you’re “lucky” you’ll find a book that has just recently come out that is in many ways, similar to what you’re writing. Think about how close someone is to “stealing” your idea. Think about how if someone beats you to the punch in publishing a book that is so similar to your manuscript, no agent or publisher will want it since it’s been “done before”.

    Feel like working now? πŸ™‚

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