Posted by: oneyearbook | September 10, 2009

Social media try-out

So in addition to being a weekend of writing a novel (by the way, I’ve decided that, in addition to the Dr. Horrible/Jane Eyre/Egyptologist combo mentioned earlier, a thorough description of the work would also merit mention of True Blood and The Secret History) it was also a weekend of trying out the newest social media juggernaut, Twitter. Prior to the weekend I’d only looked at Twitter very, very briefly, although during that brief glance I signed up for an account, just in case I wanted it in the future. And I did want it in the future, in order to use it to converse (if you can call what happens on Twitter conversing) about the 3-day experience.

Twitter's Fail Whale

Twitter's Fail Whale

So what did I think? Well, it was certainly interesting. I enjoyed watching other people’s reactions to the 3-Day novel, and the ease with which I could find other people who were talking about such; the 140 characters, although sometimes limiting, means I don’t have to worry that somebody out there will unload War and Peace on us all, stopping all conversation in its tracks.

I do feel a little that the things I would be tweeting are not particularly of interest to most people, maybe even to myself; now that the 3-day is over, and that topic exhausted, I’m trying to figure out what I’ll normally be wanting to share with the world (or, really, with my measly 28 followers). My interests in the form are two-fold: one, I like seeing what celebrities Tweet, especially literary or pop-culty celebrities. (Anyone who has any really good ones to recommend, drop a line in the comments). Second, I’d like to become part of whatever ongoing conversation is happening on there about books, the lit industry, the book world, etc. So, again, if anyone knows some good trending topics to search for that or any names to follow for that sort of thing, appreciated. And we’ll see how it goes. And if it wastes my time too much, like so many other Internet excitements.


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