Posted by: oneyearbook | September 4, 2009

3-Day approaches!

So, at midnight tonight I’ll be officially beginning my three-day novel. I put the registration in the mail yesterday, so it’s official.

In the grand tradition of panicking at the last minute, I’ve changed from my original plot to something new. It was a boredom thing: the plot I was originally going to go with is something I’ve been kicking around, but never following through on, for a couple years. I just thought, wait a second. Is there a reason I’ve never done anything with this? So instead I’m now on-board (and it’s too late to change now, I think, with about eight hours left) with a new idea that came to me a couple weeks ago.

The pro and con for this idea is one and the same: it’s … ambitious. We’ll see if I can restrain it within the length that I think I can manage in three days. I have a writing schedule worked out, right down to how many pages per hour I should be producing, and I’m aiming for about 100 pages, but whether it works out is questionable. But if this isn’t the time to be crazily ambitious, when is? No risk, no reward, etc. I also worry that it’s a bit over-the-top, as concepts go, but again, what better time? And, looking at the list of past winners, strange and fantastical concepts have certainly been rewarded by the judges, so I shouldn’t hold that against it.

Adding to the excitement of my live-blogging promises, I’ve also decided to start using Twitter during the contest. At least for the duration of the contest. My tweets will now appear in the sidebar of the blog, though, so you don’t have to go on over to Twitter to get ’em. I gather the hashtag for other 3-Day novelists on Twitter is #3dnc.


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