Posted by: oneyearbook | August 31, 2009

My ambition? To sit down

Okay, it’s been all over the Internet, and it’s a little depressing – not because I have ever particularly coveted this job, or anything, but because we’re the same age and I feel like I’m ages away from being anywhere near so on-top of my dreams: a 26-year-old former fact-checker is the new managing editor at The New Yorker. That is impressive, people. Sometimes I feel like, sure, I’m ambitious enough – in that I have ambitions, and dreams, and things I’d love to see happening in the future – but I’m not actually ambitious enough to push myself harder and harder down the path towards those goals, hard enough to get there in a timely fashion. Then I think, can writing be pushed? Should it? Maybe? Argh!

Phew. I need to sit down. And if I want to read while doing it, here’s HTMLGIANT’s guide to what type of IKEA sofa I should do it in. The last entry on the list is really, really funny. I won’t ruin it for you. Unfortunately none of the featured chairs are particularly suitable, in my opinion, as reading locations for the novel I’m working on. I have perused IKEA’s site myself, and after some thought, I suggest that anyone interested in picking up my book when it’s done consider also picking up this item:

Where to read my book

Where to read my book

So this is the IKEA Stockholm easy chair. I feel like there’s an aesthetic overlap: the outdoorsy, whimsical fabric; the comfortable, cushy looking base – and yet, not so comfortable that they’re giving you armrests, you know? Short legs, a reclining back … it’s all there. I recommend picking it up soon, in case they run out.

Oddly enough, I’m actually writing the book in a chair from IKEA, but I was definitely not tempted to suggest that one for reading it in.


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