Posted by: oneyearbook | August 29, 2009

Back to writing!

The summer job I had is now over, which means I will be returning, at least for now, to the world of full-time writing. (In September I’ll be looking for some part-time work, something along the lines of 15 hours a week, though. The idylls of writing can’t last forever, sadly, at least not on limited funds.

I’m excited to get back to mornings of too much tea and afternoons of too much typing, however. I’ve really missed tea! At the summer job I, along with the other workers, became obsessed with a certain brand of soda, as seen here, and in the following picture:

Ferret does best Vanna White imitation with Boylan's bottle

Ferret does best Vanna White imitation with Boylan's bottle

Ahhh, Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer. It’s so creamy! So red! So birchy! You get what I’m trying to say. The bottles are really cool, too. But drinking tea every day is probably better for me than drinking so much of the birch beer, which was generally agreed to be addictive. In fact the store (which was about a 13 minute walk away from work, a 3 minute drive, or a 3 minute bike ride, if you wanted to go really, really fast) made people late for work on a number of occasions in which they simply HAD to have a Boylan’s during one of our fifteen-minute breaks. We should really do some sort of advertising for the stuff by this point.

So, to sum up: job – good for finances; good for love of soda; not so good for writing progress. Watch for me to try to pull myself out of this slump by my own shoelaces over the next week. Also watch for announcements about my aims for my writing future!

BTW – yes – that is a ferret. She is the world’s craziest ferret, and if you see her as doing kung-fu on that bottle rather than presenting it, Vanna White-style, that would probably actually be more accurate.


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