Posted by: oneyearbook | August 27, 2009

Fast approaching

I mentioned this earlier in the summer, a couple months ago, but I’m still intending to do the 3-day novel contest. I am also – and this may indeed be a fool’s decision – intending to live-blog the experience. So this is just a quick reminder: it runs September 5-7, Labor Day weekend, and I’m allowed to start writing at 12:01 a.m. on the Saturday morning and must completely finish by the Monday evening at 11:59 p.m. (Note to self: registration is due by September 4, must do it soon.) I will be updating the blog during that period at least every two hours, except when I am asleep, UNLESS for some reason I choose to leave the house. (This may sound even more foolish, but I’m hopeful that I can swing in a trip to the Saanich Fair at some point, to blow off steam.)

Maybe I’m just being cocky, or leaning too heavily on my supernaturally fast typing skills, but I remember having time in which to do things other than write, eat, and sleep the last time I did this contest. Now, I didn’t win, nor did I particularly like my end product that much, but that might have been a function of a pretty strange fantasty plot more than anything else, and I did completely finish it and manage to edit it a bit before printing and submitting it. I’m hopeful this year to manage the same sort of time management.

And, yes, I’m ready to go with an idea, a semi-formed plot, and the beginnings of an outline, which I can flesh out as much as I wish before the contest begins. The tentative title of my 3-day novel is Fancy, and it involves broken hearts, tattoos, and fraternal revenge.

Anyone else out there doing the contest? And interested in also live-blogging? Let me know!



  1. Sounds like fun, and I envy you the ability to stop drop and write like that. Have fun!

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