Posted by: oneyearbook | August 19, 2009

Giving in

Yeah, I gave in an bought this year’s ‘it’ book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’ll let y’all know what I think when I’m done with it, in case you were thinking that you couldn’t resist that fascinatingly awful picture of Jane Austen with half of a jaw on the cover.

Also: I read 14 books in July, and haven’t read a single one yet in August. How’s that for going from one extreme to the other?

Also: I’ve let my library fines get out of control again, and have to pay to get my borrowing privileges back again. Sigh. I told myself I wouldn’t do it again.

Also! No, wait, that’s it.



  1. I almost bought that and then didn’t… I’ll be interested to hear if it’s entertaining or not.

    Might have to add it to the list of trashy vampire books my trashy bookclub is reading… lol.

    • By the way, where you find a trashy bookclub? I’ve always been leery of looking for a bookclub because I thought it’d be kind of stuffy and all “Now we read Madame Bovary” (as featured in Little Children), but some low-brow book-loving sounds like fun.

      • Well, it’s actually a bit of a joke. The “club” consists of myself and my good friend Cynthia, and it was created solely for the purpose of reading and discussing the Twilight series. However, we plan to continue with other trashy books once we’re through… and new members are always welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Also… I was happily using the library until I accrued nearly $20 in late fees… I haven’t been back in months, lol.

  3. no how much are the fines? You obviously need to get a job there to avoid the fines.

    • My fines are $24. They’re pretty lenient – I think I only need to get it back under $20 before I have my borrowing privileges back. And a whopping $7.50 of it was from taking out the DVD of Room with a View, failing to watch it, forgetting it was under a sweatshirt beside my bed, and returning it four days late.

  4. I admit to also finding that book tempting, but I’m just recovering from a string of bad vampire fiction. I’m not sure I’m ready to be hurt again . . .

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