Posted by: oneyearbook | July 20, 2009

Still in computer limbo

The big computer is still over on the mainland, which is why you’re not hearing much from me lately. Sorry and thanks for the patience, everyone who’s still dropping by!

Quick update: I’ve started my new job, which, as I explained previously, will be six days a week for the rest of the summer. On the way there on the first day I was riding my scooter when a bee flew down the back of my sweatshirt and stung me on the back. Horrible! Fortunately I am not allergic. And fortunately that’s been the only bad thing about the job so far – it’s fun, I think it’ll be a good six weeks. Not sure yet about how it’ll mesh with the writing. We got off early today – I was home by three – and yet I’m still trying to figure out where I’ll fit in writing, cooking dinner, working out, reading a book, and hanging out with the boyfriend before I go to bed.

Section three has begun, however, and has about 3,000 words in it thus far, so I am forging forward again at least.



  1. ouch to the bee story.

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