Posted by: oneyearbook | July 13, 2009


The computer is now on the mainland for fixing, and in the meantime I have a minor amount of access to the Internet, so here’s a quick update!

I’ve spent the last week working on a second draft of the second section. This was a pretty easy process with the first section; as I previously explained, I mostly just worked through some pacing issues and removed some scenes for alter. This time I’ve been stuck on one particular issue pretty much the whole week – an issue about which of the characters in the book should be allowed to learn a certain bit of information; when they should learn such; and how it should be presented to the readers. I’ve gone back and forth three times on this, changing a whole swath of the book back and forth. I think <fingers crossed> that I’ve finally figured out what’s going to work best, and that, as a result, the light at the end of the second section is visible.

Meanwhile the third and fourth sections have been stewing on the backburner, readying themselves for outlining later this week. So that’s what’s up! More detailed updates to follow soon, I promise.


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