Posted by: oneyearbook | July 7, 2009

Sir links-a-lot

Let’s get link-happy!

So, John Green has an extensive argument, in two posts, here and then here, talking about why big advances are not good for the book industry, and that we should be moving towards a smaller advance-larger royalty percentage scheme. He says it would be good for both the author and the publisher. Really interesting stuff. I gather some publishers are already working on something like this.

Mark Athitakis talks about a debut novel that made it first in paperback and only after that released some hardbacks. This seems like a nice success story, although the fact that he has the link to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop makes it less surprising than it otherwise would be.

The Guardian has a list of what they’re calling the 50 best summer reads ever, and it’s not the usual sort of “you can read this on the beach so easily” sort of drivel.

And, finally, more smacking down of critics, here! Striking back at your critic is the new skinny jean. (Fashionable, but, uh, often kind of unflattering.)


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