Posted by: oneyearbook | July 7, 2009

It all comes down to the benjamins

For a while I’ve been aware that I would probably need an influx of fresh funds partway through this project in order to keep it going for the full year. So I’ve been struggling to figure out a way to earn a good amount of cash that had a minimal negative impact on my writing. A part-time job for the rest of the project? Maybe, but there wasn’t anything out there that really appealed to me. Then I finally found what I was looking for: I’ve gotten a job that starts mid-July and runs six days a week until the end of August. It’s only six weeks out of the year, it’ll more than put me back on my feet financially, and I think it’ll actually be a fun job.

I did, as predicted, finish the first draft of the second section on the weekend, so now I have a couple weeks to get as much done as possible on that, to get started on the next section, and have a solid vision for the second half of the book. At that point I’ll be trying – gasp – the day job/night writer thing. So that’ll be something new for you all to enjoy hearing about. Will I manage it? Will my output go down to like 200 words a week? Or will I be a discipline ninja? We will soon find out!


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