Posted by: oneyearbook | July 5, 2009

Reading for inspiration

The Story of Lucy Gault

The Story of Lucy Gault

Normally I just mention the writing-advice books that I’m reading; if you’re interested in knowing what else I’m reading during my year of writing, you can always  check it out here. But sometimes, as a writer, there’s a novel that makes you think both “Oh my god how could I ever achieve something like this” and “I really want to keep trying to achieve something like this.” Inspiring, heady stuff. I’m sure even those of you among my readership that have never really wanted to write a novel have the books that you read that make you think, “Doing something like this would be special,” and you consider trying, just for a moment?

Anyway, The Story of Lucy Gault. I picked it up at the library while browsing the stacks because something I read recently sang the praises of William Trevor, and the blurb on the inside flap seemed interesting. (It also did a masterful job of not giving away very much of the plot, which can’t be said for the info at Amazon, so if you don’t like spoilers, don’t click through.) Fantastic book. I’m considering not letting the library have it back. (Kidding, library, don’t send the library police after me.) Highly recommended, and very inspiring.


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