Posted by: oneyearbook | June 28, 2009

Seven lessons to learn from my failure, Part VII

We’re supposed to learn lessons from our failures. I mean, that’s what people always say when they want someone to feel better about something going wrong – ‘you’ll know for next time,’ that sort of thing. So I’ve been thinking it over. I talked about some of the reasons my first manuscript wasn’t working when I made the decision to shuck it off like a bad skin, but this week, every day, I’ll share one of seven lessons I think I can take away from the experience.


So, did I take any positive things away from the experience with IFCAH?

Yeah, maybe a couple, things I’ve learned about my process that I’ll be keeping, not changing.

One, my time management isn’t horrible. I don’t spend eight hours in my writing chair, ever, but I do get a respectable amount of work done each and every day.

Two, I have enough follow-through to get a first draft done. That was a worry when I began this year, that I just wouldn’t write a damn thing.

And three, writing begets writing, even if some of that writing is bad. Before I began this I talked a big game about my writing, but didn’t do very much of it. Now I write a lot. And it’s not just work on the main project: the other day I wrote a short story for the first time in a long time. Just sat down and wrote it, in one sitting, the first draft of a story. The writing just seems to build on itself.

Lesson learned: Forget about all and any lessons, and just write.


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