Posted by: oneyearbook | June 28, 2009

Progress, yes indeedy, progress

Feelin' sunny about the novel

Feelin' sunny about the novel

Let’s get to the meat of this update first: I’m about 18,000 words into the second section of the book. For those who aren’t mathematically inclined, that puts me at about 33,000 words in total. Groovy.

Good news! I am still excited about this project. This section has introduced a new narrative voice which is totally different than anything that came before and it is fun to write. No idea if it is equally fun to read. For now at least I predict use of it will be sparing.

When I go out of the house I carry my novel with me, saved on a memory card that belongs to my camera, inserted into a card reader. This afternon I went out, realized I didn’t have it, and hurried back a block to pick it up before going out again. What if the house burnt down while I was gone, taking both computers with it? This behaviour leads to funny scenes where I tell my boyfriend, “Oh, sorry, we can’t go yet, I haven’t got my novel.” He makes fun of me for not simply saving it somewhere on the Internet. I do not trust this Internet thing, however, so I’ll continue to carry it around with me.



  1. I wrote a novel year before last and felt the same way about how to save and then carrying my memory stick with me. Good luck to you!

    • Thanks Jenny! How did things turn out with your novel?

  2. you can also email me a copy to save; i saved the last version you sent and didn’t even peek at it!

    glad you are still excited about this new project.

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