Posted by: oneyearbook | June 16, 2009

Sexy simulacrums

My policy with the previous project was to forge forward always, without looking back. While I felt that it was a succesful policy in some ways – certainly I produced a lot of material in a short time – it was problematic in others, as I found the end result disjointed and, well, not very well thought out. So this time I’ve chosen a different approach, and am allowing myself to edit each section as I complete it.

It's a honey of a project so far

It's a honey of a project so far

Almost done a very thorough edit of the first section and feel as if this decision is already paying off: I’ve fixed (at least, I think I have) a major pacing issue. Something happened far too early in the book and lost any emotional payoff it might have had by doing so, so I’ve removed it and put that text in a file to bring in later. Originally I felt like the first section was too fast – maybe, instead of it taking place over two days, it required a week of book-time? But now, having removed that one element and another, smaller element, it actually makes sense to push everything down into one day. Over at Editor Unleashed this post helped me wade through the problem, by reminding me that action in books is a “a stylized and sexier simulacrum of real time.” Sometimes, as I said in the comments over there, I make the mistake of simply writing as if it is real time. I have to work at getting the simulacrum thing down, and my pacing will definitely improve.


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