Posted by: oneyearbook | June 15, 2009

Fellow sufferer

I have discovered another blog like mine – one where a writer is blogging the process of writing a novel. It’s here. Michael Fauver, a published poet and short story author, has managed to get himself residencies at Yaddo and The Macdowell Colony and he intends to write his first novel while in residence at those locations. (For those that don’t know, these sorts of places give writers and other artists a place to go and focus entirely on their craft – food is provided, so is a working studio and a place to stay, and there is the opportunity to talk shop with all the other writers and artists on location. Getting a place at one is much-desired.) He’s also about to enter the MFA at Iowa.

Fauver has just blogged about finishing the first chapter, here, and like me, he’s giving out word counts, his projected final word count, and doing the math on how far along he is, percentage wise. (Four percent finished, he says, after the first chapter.) I’ll definitely be following along, both to see how other people approach a project like this, and to see what impact the artist’s colony experience has on that.


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