Posted by: oneyearbook | June 7, 2009


Yes, my friends, here are more links to interesting tidbits around the Internet. Working at home gives more time for browsing things on the Internet. I’ve just organized my bookmarks, finally, after two months of promising myself I’d do it the next day.

Another John Crowley link: here, Mr. Crowley writes about the pleasures of doing research for his latest novel by asking for help from the commenters on his blog. (The topic he was researching is quite amusing.)

Sad: earlier this month, David Eddings, fantasy master, died. Guardian obit here. When I was young – six, seven, eight, I’d say – I was a voracious reader and wanted to read things that were adult books, but not the type of adult books that required a wholly adult emotional understanding. (Lolita, for example, was off the table.) So I entered a phase, which lasted for a long time, in which I really enjoyed reading epic fantasy. David Eddings was one of the first; my father also liked his stuff and had a lot of his first works around the house in paperback. I’ll chase down some favorites at the library and read them in tribute.

Giving a new meaning to ‘writing long,’ a list of the top ten longest novels in the English language. I’ve only read one of these (Atlas Shrugged), and it is, indeed, very long.

Like the Guardian rooms, a couple more looks at where writer’s write: the Vancouver International Writers & Readers Festival shares some writing spaces, here; and the Kenyon Review talks about some other historical interesting writing locations. (Nabokov wrote The Real Life of Sebastian Knight on top of a bidet.)


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