Posted by: oneyearbook | May 28, 2009

Author blogging

Glen David Gold, who wrote Carter Beats the Devil, one of my favorite books, has now put out his second novel, Sunnyside. It’s waiting at the library right now for me to pick up. Anyways, there’s an interview with him on the Vroman’s Bookstore website, here, where he talks both about the novel and his relationship with the Internet (he likes to look at the cats in sinks website, apparently, instead of doing work) and why his current website is just a contact link.

However, while writing the novel, he did in fact write a blog about the process, which he gives pertinent links to in the interview. Most days he was just using the blog to give a page count (the novel ended up in first draft being over 1200 pages), but some days he reveals things about the process which are interesting. It took him seven years to write the book, and the blog does not in any way cover all of that, but it’s interesting to see someone else using the internet to keep them honest about progress.


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