Posted by: oneyearbook | May 21, 2009

Celebrating in style

A little late, but life got in the way, so tonight was the chosen night for a celebration dinner for the first draft.

Celebration dinner

Celebration dinner

Someday, once I’ve published some novels <fingers crossed>, celebration dinners will involve restaurants, but for now we can enjoy the ambiance and the frugality of home.

Roasted beets & asparagus with steaks marinated in a sauce called ‘London Broil’ – I don’t know if that’s a well-known thing or not; my mother’s been making it since I can remember eating meat, and I used to refer to the recipe as ‘spicy meat,’ which isn’t particularly accurate; it’s more savoury, garlicky, and gingery than anything else. It involves honey, soy, and vinegar. Adding it to any meat is pretty much a fool-proof recipe for tastiness.

The wine glass actually contains white cranberry juice.

Total cost of meal, for two people: $5.75

Ambiance: free!

Completing first draft: priceless.



  1. Where in the world can you buy 2 steaks for $5.75? Let alone the rest of the meal? I think I live in the wrong town, lol…

    • The steaks are hip steaks – they’re the cheapest type … you can get two at Thrifty’s for $2.30. Not the highest quality meat but the marinade makes up for that. The veggies were from a farm store (we live in farm country). I think Victoria is cheaper for some things than Vancouver, although gas seems to be more expensive.

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