Posted by: oneyearbook | May 16, 2009

Sent off to print

Today I went through the work of combining all my files (every scene I wrote for the book I saved in a separate file) and putting them in the correct order. This was harder than it sounds, because I didn’t write the scenes in order, and I had to mix together the two time periods in a way that made sense. But it all got done, and in doing so there were many discoveries. Who knew that this book had so many scenes taking place in a library? (That doesn’t make it sound very exciting, does it?) Who knew that so many scenes would already belong in a separate section called ‘deleted scenes,’ only still alive to be mined for any particularly apt turns of phrase? These things, and others.

And now it’s been sent off to a print shop for printing, because we still don’t have a printer here. I printed it single-spaced to save money, so I’ll be picking up a 204-page book-like object (I got it coil-bound, too) on Sunday.


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