Posted by: oneyearbook | May 8, 2009


It looks like there’s about a week left on the first draft, maybe even a little less, and it also looks like I’ll be about on target with a 130,000 word first draft. There hasn’t been much to say about it lately; we’ve also been busy with a lot of other things in our lives right now; so this will be a bit of a mixed bag of an entry – something like that old standby Potpourri category on Jeopardy!, I suppose.

Hockey - my favorite of all my sports photographs

Hockey - my favorite of all my sports photographs

First, not to turn this into a sports blog or anything, but we’ve been watching the Canucks with great excitement. It would be nice to see them get into the third round of the playoffs – for the first time since I first started watching them, back during the glorious run of ’94.Those were the glory days. I’m hopeful about our chances with the ‘Hawks, though.

Lots of baking lately. I re-energized and reorganized the kitchen and now it wants to be used. A books blog is not a food blog, but I think there’s some overlap between the two, somehow. After all the noble cookbook gets its own section in most bookstores. I made butterscotch brownies the other day, with what I always think of as an old family recipe – but really it’s from the Joy of Cooking. We’ve just had the book for a long time.

My boyfriend has found a summer job, a good one, but it doesn’t start until June so he’ll be at home with me while I work for the next little while. Now that he doesn’t have to get up at an early hour to take the bus to the university we both have fallen into the bad habit of sleeping in a lot, and then staying up late. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what part of the day we use, as long as the writing gets done, and it has been.

I see from looking at their website that the museum that features as a setting in my novel is now open for the summer season. With the first draft done I expect one of my first acts will be to head over there with a camera and a notebook, to do some research.



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