Posted by: oneyearbook | May 5, 2009

May & June: a contest

I’m embarassed to announce that the winner of April’s contest was none other than my boyfriend. I promise it wasn’t rigged – I used the random number generator … anyways, I’m not even sure he wants such a thing so we’ll see if he wants to give his prize to one of the other entrants.

Anyways, onwards to the late spring/early summer contest. This one will run for two months. It also has a different prize. (I still don’t have a printer which makes the page-from-first-draft thing difficult.) The prize is this: you will have a character named after you in the book. You can choose whether it’s just a first name or just a last name or a first name, last name thing. No promises about which character, or how much face-time they’ll have in the book. That may partially be determined by what type of name the winner has.

A real character

A real character

To enter: in the comments, put the name of your all-time favorite character from the fiction world. Children’s books count, genre books count, whatever, I don’t care. You may think it prudent, in some cases, to indicate what book the character comes from – if you put down Paddington Bear, say, probably most readers will know where he comes from (darkest Peru, of course), but if you say Lyra Belacqua, not everyone will.

I’ll get the party started. (Note: not eligible to win my own contest.) It’s kind of a tricky question, actually; what does it mean to be a favorite? The character I’d most like to meet? The one I’d like to hang out with? The one who drags me back into their book time and time again? There’s a reason that both my examples came from books intended for children; those are the books that have been with me the longest, and whose characters have had the  longest to rattle around in my brain. I mean, I have a tattoo of Alice (of Wonderland fame) on my back. As a child I alternated playing at being either Peter Pan or Robin Hood. Of all the Narnian children, I love Jill the best. In adult literature I’m tempted by Bertie Wooster (of Jeeves and Wooster fame), Grady Tripp (from Wonder Boys), by Charles Carter, from Carter Beats the Devil. I used to think that I was exactly like Frederica, as portrayed in The Virgin in the Garden, but I’m not sure that means that I would call her a favorite. By Mottyl the Cat, in Not Wanted on the Voyage. I do love cats. I didn’t really care if anyone else made it off the Ark; I mostly just worried about Mottyl. But in the end I’m going to go back to the children’s books; and Madeleine L’Engle does it best, for me. I’d choose the whole Murry family but if there can be only one, I’ll take Meg, Meg who we see from adolescent rebellion through to relaxed, successful motherhood.

Of course I’ll probably change my  mind fifteen minutes from now. That’s how these things go.



  1. Patrick Bateman-the ultimate American Psycho. Evil, complex and hysterical.

  2. Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird.

  3. Oops, a little late entering this one!

    It required a bit of thought (I’m not good at favourites) but if I had to pick just one, I’d say Francie from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

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