Posted by: oneyearbook | April 29, 2009

A change of view

Today we had some errands to do in the city so we decided that, when they were done, we would spend the day at the boyfriend’s parents house. I’ve written here before, a couple times, and there’s been no problem producing work. There were all sorts of distractions today, though: NHL Game 7s on the big screen (we don’t have cable at our house, so the television doesn’t offer any sort of regular distraction), a trip out for lunch with a free-sandwich coupon, a nap on the couch … (our couch at home is too short to nap on. I begin to see that unconsciously I have designed our apartment to remove most distractions. Interesting.)

Anyway, the work still got done, but a lot later than usual.

When I first began I assumed that I’d actually be writing in a lot of different places – you know, the usual romantic pictures, writing in a silent library, surrounded by handy reference books, or tapping away with a latte at the local coffee shop, or even tramping about in a park and then sitting on a log to scribble down some ideas, a few phrases. I’m always seeing writers thanking various people for allowing them to be a guest in their homes while they write the book; all they needed to get it done, the suggestion is, is a change of location. Then there are writers who take a room in a seaside hotel, say, and slide into the anonymity of that life while writing away. None of that has happened for me. (Definitely not the hotel. Not in the budget.) I have written in two places: our apartment, and this house. Now that I’ve noticed, I’m tempted to just do it, pick a day and go to the library for five hours or whatever, see if I’m more productive or not. I mean, I wasn’t more productive today, but this place has more distractions than home, and I do think that I actually produced some better writing than I have for the past few days. We’ll see. Maybe the library will provide even more distractions, in the form of endless books.


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