Posted by: oneyearbook | April 27, 2009

Your worst critic

Funny link found on the Millions today – the “You Can’t Please Everyone” feature found on the Cynical-C Blog. The blog takes famous or classic works – movies and books mostly, music sometimes – and collects the 1-star reviews of them from Amazon. Some of the reviews are hilarious – and it does remind me, as a writer, that, well, I’m not ever going to please everyone. I’ll need to gird myself against the fact that while some people may like my book – may even love my book – there will also be those that think it stinks. Smells of putrefying corpses, that sort of thing.

Highlights –

The Great Gatsby gets hit with this wondrous review: “This book was God awful. I felt so disappointed when i read that gatsby was murdered. I felt as if the world collapsed on me as i read this catastrophic event. Gatsby is the miz an and daisy is a sliz to the iz ut. Scott Fitzgerald i wish u were alive so i could kill u. Love DGS!!!”

I expect to use the phrase “Gatsby is the miz an” in general conversation from now on.

One hater of the Hobbit asks, “why didn’t the author stay alive long enough to defend his work from this vicious critique?”

And, here, guess the book being reviewed: “I can see why some people enjoy [this book]. It is very vocal about certain issues in life. I was completely bored reading this book. Although I liked [character] and [other character], I was not excited to read about a young girl’s life in a small town. It seemed like a small plot and was not planned well. A court case is hardly a thrilling idea.”

Yup. That’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

So, if one’s book is badly reviewed or disliked by readers, there’s always the comfort that it’s in good company.


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