Posted by: oneyearbook | April 17, 2009

Weekly progress report

Favorite photo from today's afternoon walk

Favorite photo from today's afternoon walk

Normally these’ll be on Saturdays, as promised, but we’re taking a weekend in the Big Smoke with family, so I don’t know when I’d get around to this otherwise.

Total word count thus far: 80,010

Progress slowed down a little this week – I have company at home during the day right now and that’s bound to be a little distracting even when the other person wants me to be writing – although I still hit my end goal for the week. I feel a little like I’m slushing around in the middle of the book right now – I know where I’m going, pretty much, but I’m not sure how much walking has to be done before I got there, you know? Sometimes that feeling is a little disheartening. But then I remembered that the official one-month anniversary of the beginning of this novel just passed yesterday and I feel better about what’s gotten done and what still has to be put down on paper.

This first draft is going to be incredibly unreadable when it’s done, though – I figure nobody but me is going to get a look at it (other than the pages that I give away by contest, of course) until it’s gone through at least one major overhaul, if not two. It’s not that the writing itself is so horrible – the sentences, the individual words, the moments that I’m pinning to the page; that part’s alright, I think, sometimes a bit mundane, sometimes more inspired. It’s the plotting, which is happening a lot more on the fly than I expected; every scene I write contradicts something I wrote two days before, and I’m installing whole new plotlines that will need to be threaded back into the beginning of the book as I go. The gender swap – yes, I ended up making Collin, who was a 15-year-old boy in the first three scenes he appeared in, into Caitlin, a 13-year-old girl – is just one of the switches I’ve made. I introduced a pretty major character long after the fact; I’ve been moving about uneasily over a morass of time, swaying back and forth by about five years, although I think I’ve pretty much settled on that for now. I write the ‘modern-day’ scenes in first person when it feels right, and third when that feels right.

When I began I was afraid I’d lack the discipline to sit down and write every day. Turns out that I simply lack the discipline to stick to my choices within the book. That doesn’t bother me very much, I’m afraid. I’m actually kind of looking forward to fixing it all in the end.



  1. Beautiful colors! Lovely picture!

    • Thanks!

  2. If you are visiting the Big Smoke you have a ways to go as it is Toronto, not Vancouver.

    • No, it’s just any big city – a Google search turns up references to Toronto, but also to Sydney and to Vancouver in the first four hits.

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