Posted by: oneyearbook | April 11, 2009

Weekly progress report

You’ll note that there was no progress report yesterday, just the contest announcement. (What? You didn’t see the contest? You haven’t entered yet? Scroll down and do so at once!) That’s because I’ll be moving to a weekly progress report from now on – having passed the 200 page mark yesterday, I think it’s time to start counting in bigger chunks. It’s something like a baby – when it’s smaller, you’re giving the age in weeks; and then, once things have moved along a little, in months; and finally, by the toddler stage, in years.

So, yeah, weekly now – look for it on Saturdays.

Total word count thus far: 62,479

Which is, as I said, more than 200 pages. I am very excited to have completed that much in four weeks; there are actually five days remaining until a complete month is up. I’m hoping (everybody cross fingers) that this is about the half-way mark.


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