Posted by: oneyearbook | April 9, 2009

Writers, do you …

Writers out there – after my last post, I want to know: do you outline?

Feel free to share outlining stories in the comments.



  1. For TV writing, I have to do outlines (contracturally), but otherwise I find them horribly annoying. I know where I want to go, and I plot it out in my mind, but I always try to give myself the opportunity to change my mind midway.

    I wrote an outline for a story a few months ago and felt guilty when I wanted to deviate from it, and it made me want to give up the whole enterprise. Far better to get yourself stuck and have to find a way out, than to feel chained to an idea that you’ve outgrown.

    That said, I obsessively plot things in my mind, years in advance. I just don’t put it down on paper.

    • I’m fortunate in not having that guilty feeling crop up when I jump ship on my outline … usually that ends up with me just re-writing a new outline, which is fun!

      I hear you about the obsessively plotting in the head, though. That’s just as much fun to me as the paper outlining.

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