Posted by: oneyearbook | April 7, 2009

Who knew?

Out walking

Out walking

Who knew research could be so interesting? I imagine if I had to research the history of a Lower Mainland municipality in the first years of the 20th Century for a school paper or some such I would find it yawn-inducing, but I’m almost through the third book about the early history of Burnaby and it’s quite fascinating. Fortunately the books are heavy on the personal remembrances of people who actually lived through it, which always have the best sorts of stories – bits about tossing dynamite in stew or selling old doughnuts to skaters on the lake in winter, etc. I’m liking the afternoons of research better than the mornings of writing, right now; the problem I face with the writing is that I’m coming to find that there may not be enough conflict motivating my character. That’s the one thing they always tell you to have: heaps and heaps of conflict. I have to be meaner to her, is the problem. But I’ll spare the whip for now – that’ll all come in the second draft.

Total words thus far: 47,026

You’ll note that the photo is not, in fact, of tulips; that walk proved dauntingly long so instead I went out into farm country, where I was surprised to see that most plants are still just dry twigs, without a hint of green. The sun had tricked me into expecting foliage on the kiwi and blueberry crops. But this little farm stand (see picture) wasn’t yet open, and spring is just barely begun, after all. The daffodils are making an appearance, though.


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