Posted by: oneyearbook | April 6, 2009

Monday progress report

This Friday I’ll have been writing for four weeks straight. I did the calculations on my word count and it looks like I’m at about 140 pages in length right now, which is pretty shocking to me – it feels like I’ve barely gotten warmed up on this thing and already it’s longer than some novels. The good news is, I’m still writing, and I haven’t been hit by the desire to suddenly switch projects mid-stream; it used to be I’d get to about the 30 page mark in a book and be ready to start a new novel. I begin to believe – as opposed to just claim to believe – that I actually will finish this novel.

Total word count thus far: 42,665

As you can see I did just over 4,000 words today. I didn’t want to say anything before I had a go at it, but 4,000 words/day is my new goal for the week. It was 2,000 for the last two weeks and I was successful, and then on Friday I did more than 4,000 and I think it can be done. This week I don’t have anything on my schedule to distract me from just sitting down and pounding out the words.

I worked on a really fun scene today that involved canoeing on a partially-frozen lake. I did something similar, only in a kayak, about a month and a half ago, and it was a memorable experience that I figured I could pass on to my characters.

This afternoon I think I’ll go for a walk with my camera – buff up on the old visual creativity. There’s a location three or so miles from here with fields and fields of tulips in the spring that I love to photograph. I think that’ll give me energy for tomorrow.

Wondrous tulip fields

Wondrous tulip fields



  1. I wish we had tulips around here. The local botanical garden doesn’t even have them.

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