Posted by: oneyearbook | April 2, 2009

A most writerly day

Cookies and tea

Cookies and tea

Today was a most writerly day, in the most pleasant, hazy-fantasy-version-of-being-a-writer sense of the word.

In the morning, after pumping out 2,700 words of prose, and while it was still sunny, took a stroll to top of the wooded hill at the end of our street. When we left, I was wearing a winter jacket and a down vest, and it seemed cold enough for that, but by the time we reached the base of the trail that winds upwards to the top, I was carrying the vest and had the peacoat tied slapdash around my waist. There’s nothing like a brisk walk for making the weather seem more like spring. The trail, which is steep and rocky, had turned into a stream, carrying yesterday’s rain down from the top, and my shoes and pant hems got wet, but at the top there is a stellar view that takes in the whole peninsula and the islands to the north.

Then in the afternoon, when it began to simply pour down, there was tea, gingery and refreshing, and homemade peanut butter cookies. (And milk, because there needs to be milk to eat those cookies.)

And now for something completely different (or not): today’s progress report. As previously stated, a good day for adding words.

The word count thus far: 34,354

On the flip side of the writerly life, I’m not sure I liked a single one of the words I wrote down today. I am quite tired of the section that I’m working on and will be glad to move on to a new part, which, <fingers crossed>, will be on Monday. I may be working through the weekend to make that happen, but the cookies will get me through.



  1. Just stopping by your blog for the first time – thanks for sharing your experience of writing with the blogosphere. Incidentally – I heard about your writing/blogging in the Goldstream paper.

    Happy Writing – and may there be more exciting “writerly” days ahead!

    • Hi Carol – thanks for visiting the blog!

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