Posted by: oneyearbook | March 31, 2009

Monday progress report (late) plus Tuesday progress report (early)

I failed to do a progress report yesterday, mainly because I was somewhat embarassed – yes, it’s true, I did not in fact do 2,000 words of work yesterday. I blame this on having to go and renew my car insurance, a seemingly simple task which had taken on a number of unfortunate complications. But it did get done and now I can continue, for the next year, to drive a vehicle to the library and other such writing-related locations.

Anyways, as of Monday, my word count was: 26,923

But this morning I got on a bit of a roll and cranked out enough words to finish both today’s count and make up for yesterday’s near-miss.

Word count thus far: 29,164

And the day is still young, my friends!


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