Posted by: oneyearbook | March 27, 2009

Thursday progress report

First brush today with something that might be loosely termed ‘writer’s block,’ although I still wrote more than 2,300 words. The first 1,400 were fine – better than fine – I was typing away madly, finding out something new about Ada, the main character. (Lest Nabokov fans assume that the name is an homage, my version is short for Adelaide and is pronounced like the first two syllables in that name: like the A in cat, and the second syllable rhymes; it does not sound, as the other girl’s name does, like Ardor.) Then I ate an apple and went back to it and found myself throwing a bit of a mental tantrum about continuing in the same scene. It is a long section. I figured that one day of working on another section couldn’t hurt and hurried off to what seemed like an easier scene. I squeaked out 300 words; 393; 452; it seemed like I had the word count function coming up every two minutes, to see if I’d made quota for the day. This is not the most comfortable type of writing; I was also very hungry. (Possible connection between empty stomach and throwing of tantrums? Never.) Finally I scraped up to the 2300 mark for the day; I’d hoped for 2500 but couldn’t find another word. I worry about these things spilling over into the next day if they’re pushed too hard so let myself off the hook at that point.

Total word count thus far: 22,393

A comic about a bad case of writer’s block, from Canada’s own Kate Beaton, here. Ms. Beaton, besides doing a valiant job of funnying-up history, sometimes does the same for writers: Jane Austen, for example, and this great one about George Orwell.


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