Posted by: oneyearbook | March 27, 2009

Friday wrap-up

Time for the weekly wrap-up!

Total word count thus far: 25,059

The calendar triumphantly records the week's progress

The calendar triumphantly records the week's progress

Success; I’m on pace for a 12-week first draft (well, depending on how long the first draft ends up being – I’m starting to worry a little that it’ll be longer than I’d oringally hoped.) The block was overcome and I got to my goal just fine, so I declare the week a success. The research day was pushed back to Saturday in order to accommodate today’s word count goal.

Coverage update: a modified version of the story that appeared in the Peninsula News Review is on doorsteps today for those of you living in Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, and Esquimalt. Thanks for that to Patrick Blennerhassett at the Victoria News, who does the arts section and is a successfully published novelist himself.

Fun link: Big Bad Book Blog has posted a link to a funny video about modern-day book promotion. Now I’m worried that I need Twitter, Facebook (for the book) and MySpace as well as this site.

Coming up this weekend on the blog: how to judge a book by its cover and another writing-tips book discussed.



  1. good for you! just came across this in some newspaper from the island. i have had a yearning to write for a long time. but i’ve never thought what i had to say was interesting enough for someone else to read! so i write for myself. one very good book i happened across about writing and writers was On Writing. by stephen king. never a huge fan of his, but the book is incredible.
    one passage describes a table, with a red table cloth, on the table cloth is a cage with a white rabbit in it. on it’s back, it has the numeral 8 in blue letters. he says “if you can see it, we have sent a picture over time and space.” and that is exactly what writing means to me. good luck with your project and never ever get discouraged.

    • Thanks Allan! I’ve heard good things about King’s writing book – I’ll have to look it up.

  2. Hello Cat,

    Funny how life gets in the way of writing. . . Many, many years ago I started on the road you’re traveling but got sidetracked by fun and work and romance and marriage and kids and friends and . . .

    I read the article in the Goldstream Gazette, and now feel inspired by your dedication to write. You’ve got a plan–stick to it so we can enjoy the sum of every day’s efforts.

    I hope you receive many more encouraging comments like Allan’s and mine!-)

    Cheers, Brian

  3. Hi Cat

    Love your blog idea. It’ll be nice to follow your novel’s progression.

    I’ve been working on my first novel for 4 years with no breaks (unless you count work, life and a distractible personality. haha) so I admire your dedication and especially your time frame. You’ll probably be on your third novel by the time I finish my first. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck with the novel, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic!


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