Posted by: oneyearbook | March 25, 2009

Tuesday progress report

Well, I’m bound to keep everyone up to date on my progress, but as fruitful as it is for me,  “I successfully sat down and wrote a lot of words in my novel” does not an exciting regular post make.

Word count thus far: 17,702

I have a little calendar hung above the computer on which I write the word count total and when I am feeling like things are not moving along fast enough I look up at that. An average novel has somewhere between 250-300 words on the page, which means I have written (hold on, calculator) – almost 60 pages. That makes it seem much larger somehow.

In the first week I was writing whatever sections of the novel I felt drawn to on that day, regardless of chronology, but for the next little bit I’m taking sections and plowing through them chronologically. Right now that means I’m writing a section that takes place between 1929 and 1932 and involves a large fire at an exhibition (this really happened in New Westminster in 1929), the terrors of learning to drive an automobile, long-distance wilderness walking, the practicalities of romance, and riding – and driving – an electric tram. Trams are an interesting subject; the push to bring back LRT, or light rail transit, would suggest that we should have kept the trams up and running in a lot of places. Also, rumour has it that a relative of mine was once a tram-driver.


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