Posted by: oneyearbook | March 24, 2009

Monday progress report

So, first weekend off and then back to the grind. Questions included: would I lose momentum by taking the weekend off? (I’ve heard that some writers have to write everyday to keep things rolling.) Would I be able to hack the 2,000 word minimum instituted today?

Answers included: No (phew – I like my weekends), and yes. At this point, even 2,000 may not be pushing myself hard enough.

However, I have learned a lesson about rereading my work: I did, on Friday, and immediately was inundated by the pain that goes with reading a rough first draft. All the things that aren’t noticeable when actually writing are easily visible on a reread, and in this case that included the feeling that some sections were reading ‘too juvenile,’ (I suspect the work of not being quite edgy enough, as if the narrator is wearing the dreaded rose-coloured glasses) and that others were simply boring.

I repeated my ‘this is a first draft’ mantra and made a pledge not to re-read a damn thing more until I’ve done a first draft. Seriously. Why do it? I’m not going to be able to edit any of it until I’ve finished the draft anyhow, so that’s no excuse; and it just makes it harder to continue when I do, which I don’t need. So no re-reading. That’s today’s promise.

Word count thus far: 15,266


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