Posted by: oneyearbook | March 24, 2009

Coverage: The Peninsula News Review

photo courtesy Christine van Reeuwyk/Peninsula News Review

photo of the author courtesy Christine van Reeuwyk/Peninsula News Review

The story of how this blog and this book-writing effort came to be are both being told here, at the Peninsula News Review (as well as in the paper edition of Wednesday, March 25.) I’ll be heading out tomorrow to collect a few hard copies – there’s nothing quite so exciting as being in the newspaper, I find, even after two years of having my name atop articles and below photos in the paper.

Props to Christine van Reeuwyk, the reporter who had the tough job of interviewing me – turns out that I, who found it particularly problematic when people I was interviewing talk too fast (makes it very tough to take notes), also talk far too fast. Sorry, Christine. She also did a great job making me look like a happy, well-adjusted person in the photograph; generally I look either mean or stiff, so that, too, is an accomplishment.

The paper, for my blog readers who aren’t familiar with it, covers the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island and is regularly recognized for its high quality by industry awards. A couple days after I left the paper the announcement of this year’s Better Newspapers Competition (for all the members of the Canadian Community Newspaper Association) results was made and the News Review came in 2nd for Best Coverage of the Arts, circulation above 10,000 – for the second year in a row – which is quite an honour. Last year I had the pleasure of joining Christine and editor Laura Lavin up on stage at the River Rock Casino in Richmond at the Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards, which recognize excellence in community newspapers in BC, while Laura accepted the Newspaper Excellence Award for our circulation category – tops in the province! That year I took home the bronze in Best Feature Photo, Colour, circulation under 30,000 and this year I’m up for Best Feature Photo, Colour, circulation over 25,000, although since I’m no longer a reporter/photographer I won’t be attending the awards ceremony.

If you’re coming here because you read the News Review, drop me a line in the comments and say so.



  1. Hi Cat,

    Saw the article, good luck living the dream!

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