Posted by: oneyearbook | March 18, 2009

Wednesday progress report

Busy day – family visit this morning, with my father and my paternal grandparents. Left around 8:15, got back at about 1:30, and was hit by the urge to nap. By 3, up and at it again, but a little worried about making word count. Turned out not to be a problem: one scene pulled me through for 2,000 words in a big rush. It was a good scene for finding things out, for seeing a motivation for one character’s actions that I hadn’t seen before.

Word count thus far: 8,359

As my boyfriend pointed out yesterday, if I manage 10,000 words in the first week and then go on to match that pace, I’ll have a first draft in just over three months. I’ve just read that Stephen King highly recommends not spending more than a single season (so, three months) on a first draft. Stephen is well-known for being prolific, though. I wonder how long the first draft of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which was published ten years after Junot Diaz’s first book, took. I imagine that Diaz saw the turning of the seasons out the window of his writer’s room. Doesn’t seem to have hurt him any.



  1. Well, perhaps it wouldn’t have hurt him – but Stephen’s advice is probably quite wise for those who are trying to make writing their livelihood.

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